I’m a researcher and educator who’s intrigued by the transactional relationship between people and place. I’ve studied this dynamic over the past 12 years resulting in my award-winning dissertation Designing for the future: A post-occupancy evaluation of the Peter Jones Learning Centre. An international speaker on campus ecology and environmental design, I facilitate workshops and presentations on designing spaces for creativity and innovation.

My work is currently featured in Dr. Kenn Fisher’s (Ed.) new book The Translational Design of Universities: An Evidence-Based Approach. “This book is the second in a series on evidence-based translational design of educational institutions, with the first volume focussing on schools. The current volume on Higher Education seeks to cover the city to the classroom and those elements in between. In so doing it also seeks to fathom what the future might look like as judgements are made about what does work in campus planning and design, in both the virtual and physical worlds.”

1064358174.jpegYou can also find me gallivanting across the pages of Stephen Hui’s bestselling book 105 Hikes In and Around Southwestern British Columbia (2018). It’s the hiker’s bible!

I believe in the creative life and better understanding the connections we have to each other and our surrounding milieu. I believe in giving a damn and high-fives that make my palm tingle. And I believe that a hearty laugh is priceless. Connect with me at jacqueline.p.ashby@gmail.com or on LinkedIn.

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