Photo credit: Stephen Hui. Copyright (c) 2016 Stephen Hui. All rights reserved.

I’m an environmental and medical education researcher intrigued by the transactional relationship between people and place. I’ve studied this dynamic over the past 15 years resulting in my award-winning dissertation Designing for the future: A post-occupancy evaluation of the Peter Jones Learning Centre. My research is featured in The Translational Design of Universities: An Evidence-Based Approach (2019) examining the present and future of campus planning and design and in AMEE’s MedEdPublish exploring The Ecology of Care: A Review of the Literature in Clinical Learning Environments (2019).

I currently work for the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Medicine and serve as the Program Coach for the Abbotsford-Mission Family Practice Residency Site and as the Enhanced Skills Curriculum Advisor for their Family Practice Residency Program . I’m also the technical advisor and mentor for the Primary Compassionate Care Initiative, located in Abuja, Nigeria, that advocates for SDGs 3, 4, and 5 through public health mentorship and women empowerment.

On the weekends, you can find me gallivanting across the pages of Stephen Hui’s bestselling book 105 Hikes In and Around Southwestern British Columbia (2018), paddling outrigger canoes with my crew, diving the deep seas, climbing waterfalls, and sliding down snow-covered mountain tops.

I believe in the creative life and the beauty that emerges when we cross-pollinate our narratives and experiences to build stronger connections to each other and our surrounding milieu. I believe in giving a damn and high-fives that make my palm tingle. And I believe that a hearty laugh is the best medicine.

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