Education & Publications

Doctor of Education, Simon Fraser University, Faculty of Education; Emphasis: Educational Leadership, 2013.
Master of Education, University of Hawaii at Manoa, College of Education; Major: Educational Administration (Higher Education), 1998.
Bachelor of Arts, San Francisco State University, Department of Kinesiology; Major: Physical Education, Minor: Athletic Coaching, 1994.
Associate of Arts, Cabrillo College; Major: Liberal Arts and Sciences, 1992.

Urban Design, Simon Fraser University, Department of Continuing Studies, 2009.
University Teaching and Learning, Simon Fraser University, Teaching and Learning Centre, 2008.
Instructional Skills Workshop, Simon Fraser University, Teaching and Learning Centre, 2007.

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Pizzuti-Ashby, J. (2019). Designing for the Future: The Post-Occupancy Evaluation of the Peter Jones Learning Centre In K. Fisher (Ed.), The Translational Design of Universities: An  Evidence-Based Approach. Leiden, Netherlands: Brill.

Ashby, J. P. & White, L. G. (2016). Dual admissions: A review of British Columbia practices and outcomes. Retrieved from

Pizzuti-Ashby, J. (2014, February).  The reading corner: Designing learning spaces for the home. In Proceedings of the Early Years Conference 2014. Paper presented at The Early Years Conference 2014: Shaping Childhood: Factors that Matter, University of British Columbia, 30-2 February (pp. 176-178).

Pizzuti-Ashby, J. G. (2013). Designing for the future: A post-occupancy evaluation of the Peter Jones Learning Centre. (Doctoral dissertation). Retrieved from Simon Fraser University Proquest. Record number b6233291.

Pizzuti-Ashby, J. (2012, June). Learning within the commons: An exploratory study of the transactional relationship between students and their learning environment. In R. Awward-Rafferty & L. C. Manzo (Eds.), Proceedings of the 43rd Annual Conference of the Environmental Design Research Association. Paper presented at the 43rd Annual Conference of the Environmental Design Research Association, Seattle, 30-2 June (pp. 116-121). ISBN 978-1-105-71404-7.

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Pizzuti-Ashby, J. G. & Alary, D.G. (2008). Campus Snapshot: Assessing the Campus Environment through a Student Lens. Abbotsford, BC: University of the Fraser Valley Institutional Research and Planning. Retrieved from ERIC database. (ED507068)

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Brocke, W. & Pizzuti-Ashby, J. (2003). Uplifting Women Farm Workers Report. Penticton Area Women’s Centre & Abbotsford Community Services. Abbotsford, British Columbia.

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