Tom & Ross Would Go

I have a few guilty pleasures in life. One of them is sitting back munching on a massive handful of buttered popcorn while watching a surf flick. For years, I loved lounging to Endless Summer (1966) and daydreaming about the break off Cape St. Francis in South Africa. Then I became addicted to Riding Giants (2004) featuring Laird Hamilton. My whole body experiences chicken skin as he drops in on Teahupoo. Everything about the moment is just perfect. Watch for yourself!
But Tom Carroll and Ross Clark-Jones from Storm Surfers have captured both my heart and soul. On film (and I suspect off) they share this amazing corky chemistry and camaraderie. I distinctly recall Tom and Ross in the 80s when they were on the ASP World Tour. Fast forward 30 years and these 40-something larger-than-life men are still carving it up at some of the world’s toughest breaks.

Released in 2012, Storm Surfers was also broken down into 4 television episodes allowing surfing enthusiasts the opportunity to learn more in detail about Ross and Tom’s hunt for the biggest wave. The amazing Mark Mathews (this guy slices Cape Solander like it’s butter!) and big wave surfer Paul Morgan also make several appearances. The movie and the tele episodes are available via Netflix. It’s so worth the watch!

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