Design Thinking Squiggle

DesignSquiggle_DamianNewman copyI’m taking on the Delft Design Approach and the instructors have asked us to illustrate our design thinking process. Love this doodle by Newman but would argue that the design phase is not as smooth and linear as it appears to be. It sort of reminds me of an EKG flatline and that conjures up images of EMT responders smacking on a defibrillator to the chests of each design team member to revive the group. Maybe the flatline is reflective of a death in the creative and chaotic process because now you are committed to one concept and one manifestation of that idea in the physical form. And maybe I’m reading too much into it?! My depiction would at least indicate one hiccup registered along the way and possibly a loop or two back to research and concept. Something more along these lines (no pun intended ;o):

designsquiggle copyHow would you best illustrate your thought process when it comes to design?


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