Society for College and University Planning: Roundtable Conversation & Presentation

I’m headed to Chicago for the Society for College and University Planning Annual, International Conference!

Join me at the Strategic Conversation Roundtable in the SCUP Commons at SCUP–50:
Exploring Aspects of Campus Space Design that Enhance Creativity
Monday, July 13
9:30-10:30 AM

I’ll also be presenting on Tuesday:
Designing Innovation: Hubs, Labs, and Maker Space
Tuesday, July 14
10:15AM–11:15AM in Grand F
Innovation labs and creativity hubs are sprouting in our corporate and academic settings. From Harvard’s i-lab to Stanford’s, experiential environments are designed to stimulate entrepreneurship and increase organizational competitiveness by encouraging idea generation, problem solving, collaboration, and product development. In this session, we will discuss creativity, the conditions supportive of the process, and the role of the physical environment. You’ll also have the opportunity to exercise your ingenuity and design a space for innovation.

Hope to see you there!



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