Urban Jungle

20160415_145202 (1)
Spent some time in the city yesterday. Visited the Vancouver Art Gallery’s new exhibit MASHUP. To be honest, I’ve struggled connecting with modern art. It may be because I spent my formative years roaming the New York Met as opposed to the MOMA. Modern art is a tease though. Here’s a crazy chair. Looks cool huh? Want to sit in it? Can’t. Want to touch it? Can’t. So many lines indicating boundaries of where I’m instructed to disconnect. And the dark suits and eyes that follow me as if they know my fingertips fancy running across Rodin’s sculptures. I want more experiences like Stefan Sagmeister’s The Happy Show . I want to be invited, even encouraged, to engage and contribute to the artist’s space, thoughts, impressions, and work. Art is far from linear and passive and yet is so often presented as such…hmmm…20160415_143713 (1)20160415_135413 (1)20160415_143627 (1)20160415_143833 (1)20160415_143152 (1)


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