20160724_112043 (1)My good friend and I traveled to Saltspring Island this past weekend to camp and climb. Two mountains in two days! Mt. Erskine (*****) and Mt. Maxwell (***). Erskine is magical. Honestly. Fairy doors and a crazy exposed ascent where I continually repeated, “There’s no room for error. You realize this?” The trail had it all though. Everything. Definite 5 star. Maxwell is a great workout (take #4 then branch to #6 for a decent loop). Views were amazing. Camped on Ruckle. Beautiful beach. Very Happy Place!

20160723_15593520160724_11514020160724_105409 (1)20160724_11583520160723_15530420160723_182608 (1)20160724_063855 (1)

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