I have this belief that we are surrounded by a myriad of soul mates. If we allow ourselves to be transparent and vulnerable these souls will gravitate to us in a variety of forms. Thank you McKinnon for infusing our climbs with humour and self-reflection. You push me to take one more step when I’m consumed with fear and genuinely want to collapse. You ask me to lead when deep down I would prefer to follow. You take me to the next level of being. At the time, I may not be so appreciative, but I’m so much better in the end for the effort and the search you force me to conduct within myself to be better, stronger. We’ve created these amazing memories together that I know will continue to bring joy and courage to my life. I bow to you girl…old girl…like the oldest one on the mountain girl…except for the small, extremely enthusiastic Swedish man we met who I suspect is still up there on the hill skipping across the landscape…bahahaha!

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