To my SFU group! I know some of you follow my blog…so if you didn’t catch my email today here goes:

Hello! Hope you are well! I’ve received a series of phone calls and emails over the past week regarding your papers. First, I want to encourage you, right now, to take a deep breath…in through the nose…out through the mouth…and then take those lips and curl them into a big smile!

You’ve got this! I’ve had the opportunity to assess you all over the past 4 months and everyone in this class is capable of completing this term with a gold star. These papers are simply a compilation of your experience and an opportunity to intersect the literature that you’ve read.

What gets you through graduate school is perseverance and creativity. I tell you, I’ve been through a series of cohorts, and just when I thought it couldn’t get any better than the Pink Unicorns…Michael and his crew show up with the Salad Buffet…and then when I thought I had hit the peak…Naseem and her posse show up with the disco ball! Dammit! Your presentations have been stellar performances and examples of the effort and energy you’ve invested. It’s heartwarming to witness your collaboration and sense the empathy you feel towards each other. I’ve been inspired, moved, and ignited by all your contributions.

So, my friends, these papers are just a small rope swing over to the other side.

What I want to recommend is that you provide a framework, like a house, to your papers. You want to take me on a journey through your narrative and so lead me carefully… making sure that those things that are important to you are stressed via the words you use and literature you cite. It’s okay to lead me wandering and wondering but do so with intent. Your final few paragraphs should summarize your paper, driving home the main point/s you want to convey.

Also, I would recommend OWL @ Purdue on citing references:

I’ll talk with Robyn about doing a short presentation next term on APA. Citing is important but shouldn’t distract from the overall flow of your thoughts and ideas hitting the paper.

Feel free to contact me. I’m always here.



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