Tim Brown (IDEO) talks on the role of design thinking in health care.
Download the Human-Centered Design Toolkit.
Key points for me:
The ability to hold opposing constraints in our heads to create new ideas.
The point of convergence between desirability, economic viability, and technological feasibility.
How do we do more with less?
How do we make health a life skill?
How do we create a society actively engaged in their own welfare?
How might we make design thinking a tool for everyone in health care?
How can we improve the quality of the patient experience?
How might we improve access to safe drinking water for the world’s poorest people and at the same time stimulate innovation amongst local water providers?
Start with Humans. Understanding motivations and aspirations.
Evaluate the Design.
Nudging towards new behaviours.
Designing new Systems as opposed to the magic bullet.
From consumption to participation.
Moving from thinking about what to build…to building in order to think…using prototyping to move our ideas forward quickly.
Change by design. 🙂

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