What does it mean to live a fulfilled life? 

1. Have more compassion — for yourself and others. Hy says he would beat himself up if everything in his day didn’t go perfectly. Now, he has more of a glass half-full approach. He doesn’t let little things blow up his day.

2. Do the “Uncomfortable Introspection.” Hy says you have to figure out what you’re afraid of and learn to set it aside so it doesn’t impact your decision making. For some, this may take meditation. For others, it may come through therapy or journaling.

3. Get comfortable with stillness. Hy has come to value “quiet space.” It’s become more necessary than ever to unplug for a few minutes a day. He actually taught himself to meditate on super crowded New York subway cars and made his iPhone password extremely complex to prevent himself from checking his phone so much.

4. Live your truth. When you know yourself and what you really want, you finally stop living for money and prestige. It’s freeing, but Hy knows it’s hard. He now makes a living as a writer and speaker, yet he still has trouble calling himself a writer. He has plenty of moments of doubt where he still feels like a pretender.

More on Khemaridh Hy’s perspective.


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