So cool! My former prof, Dr. Peper, is featured in SF News! I took his courses in the early 90s and he was an amazing instructor. Taught me loads about both eastern and western holistic health perspectives. Inspiring! Here’s a blurb from this recent piece (can’t reinforce #1 enough!!!):

“For students who have yet to take a holistic health class, Peper has tips that can improve health during midterms and finals.

  1. Don’t go to class ready to absorb information like a sponge; arrive primed with questions so you’re actively listening.
  2. Try to snag a seat in the front of the class and take notes.
  3. After class, find a study group with peers so you can discuss materials in multisensory ways.
  4. After studying, call a friend and talk about what you just absorbed. This helps the information sink in.
  5. Consider reviewing materials before going to bed, so it’s fresh in your mind when you wake up.
  6. Learn a simple relaxation technique, such as tightening and releasing various muscle groups in your body.
  7. Notify instructors as soon as you have questions.
  8. Learn a breathing exercise.
  9. When studying, sit at a desk and avoid checking emails and social media.
  10. Learn more holistic health concepts and skills by taking holistic health classes.”

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