20170408_182412 copy

My new watering hole! And I don’t drink! Baha! What began as a Kickstarter campaign last year is now in full effect and we experienced it in full throttle! Thrilled to see this couple’s dream come to life.

20170408_163417 copy
Crosby, Rylan & Amy. Best Wedding Photo Evah!
20170408_150123 copy
Crosby. He’ll fetch the ball as long as you can throw it! So focused this one! Must be part border collie!
20170408_150203 copy
Ralphie. He stole my heart and my bones when he walked in. Weimaraner of the Year in my book. Couldn’t sit still or fetch if his life depended on it. A dog with his own agenda or no agenda; I just intuitively knew we would get along fabulously.

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