Alexander Calder’s Workspace. Image via Buzzfeed.

A close friend sent me this image and article on creative workspaces of the famous. I like how the boxes underneath the table appear to be holding it up! What I find so fascinating though is that Calder’s structures exemplify this beautifully balanced minimalism and yet his space appears to be the antithesis of his art.

Big Red. Artist: Alexander Calder.

But I am not that bad!! Or am I? I think in piles. Layers upon layers. Void of logic, chronology, or subject matter. I sort of intuitively know where things are or I play the game of “let’s guess what stack it’s under!” which is actually quite fun because I usually find something I was looking for last week and then become entirely distracted by it and forget what I was initially hunting. Baha! What I need is a huge paper vacuum cleaner that sucks and sorts everything into files. In regards to these spaces and those that inhabit them, we’re a difficult lot to love if you’re a minimalist. #dreamer #creativespaces

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