Dare to Create

Write what you dare not write
create what you dare not create
the places hidden in your bones
where longing and aches reside
and your dreams long to arrive
to be massaged to birth

Throw your critic out
let it reach far into the recycling bin
where it transforms to compost
for the wonder of your own stories
honour your tears, joys and disappointments
only mourn for not showing up
for your deep beautiful life
where health and wholeness
celebrate each thread of life

Listen to the impulses of your fingers
the agitation in your feet
and spread wide your toes
to touch the ground and sky
the garment of your own yearning

This is yoga toes for writing
living, breathing into the unknown
Let your discomfort
be a sign that you are going
where you have not gone
an all inclusive to what is possible
with your unique narrative

Show compassion towards yourself
so fall free to the winter
of your own passage
and know you are called
to only be real to whom you are
This alone is enough.

Celeste Snowber
November 8, 2017
For the HEAL cohort November 2017

I have been incredibly fortunate to work with such brilliant minds at Simon Fraser University. Thank you Dr. Snowber for composing this beautiful piece that encapsulates the student experience.

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