MtFinlaysonWA-SH-2017-0476 copy.jpgHui! Thank you for sending me the images of our last excursion. I finally had the opportunity to thoroughly peruse. Always capturing the best sides of me…I tell you!


Evil Eye. Effing Mt. Curry. Photographer: Stephen Hui

Sometimes I look at these photos and feel like a rare, struggling missile-mouthed reptile being documented by Hui Geographic :). I hear the cameraman whispering… “Can she posthole her way out of Garibaldi before becoming a cougar’s lunch? Stay tuned!”
Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to traverse these beautiful lands in your company. You are a treasure, an inspiration, and hope to a future generation of mountaineers.
Here’s to 2018!
All tents! No B&Bs!
Promise. I swear. 🙂
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Gotcha Hui!


There are people who say they know you. And then there are people that know you. You know me! Bahahaha! #SecondBestGiftEver Ha! And yes, contrary to popular opinion, God is in the details especially in best results 🙂 I am so pleased with this in every way. I’m genuinely unable to contain my enthusiasm. It will come to great use in the proceeding months. I can assure you. 🙂